Carrie (2013): Being a remake, this film is going to get compared to the original film and that’s just not fair. I’m assuming you’ve seen the original (unless you just fail as a human) but if you see this movie, you cannot compare it to the original, it’s its own movie. That being said, it sorta is a shot by shot remake. Lots of things are almost exactly the same or just very slightly different. There are some extra scenes not included in the original, which I really enjoyed, because it differentiated itself from the original. Being a fan of the 1976 version, I was hoping for some of my favorite quotes to be included, which they were, but since all of these quotes are said by Margaret White, Carrie’s mother, the actress playing Margaret is very important. As soon as I saw the trailer for this, I wasn’t sure if Julianne Moore could match Piper Laurie, and sure enough, she couldn’t. Now, I know I said you cannot compare the two films and this is not a comparison, I just wish Julianne Moore put more crazy into her lines. Not saying she was bad, but I was left wanting so much more emotion in her character. Another character totally miscast was Judy Geer playing the caring teacher Ms. Desjardin. She was way too flat and when she yells at the girls for bullying Carrie, there was just nothing there, no sense of anger or authority. The rest of the cast, including Chloe Grace Mortez and Ansel Elgort was pretty much perfect. Overall, I cannot think of a single reason why a fan of the original would not like this one. It takes everything great about the original and adds a slightly more modern twist. I would actually say that this movie has way more emotion and tension than the original. This movie should be enough to entertain fans of the original and newcomers to the Carrie universe. 10/10


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