Gravity (2013): I’ve been waiting to see this movie for 2 weeks already! I had to go for the 3D version, and I never see 3D films, but I think if you are going to see Gravity in the theater, you need to see it in 3D. The immersion is just insane. It’s such a beautiful film to watch, with incredible cinematography. This is the art of film I like to see. While it’s a beautiful ride, it’s also a very intense one. Our main character, Sandra Bullock, who spends maybe 70% of the film by herself, is constantly beat up and since the audience is in the same boat as her, we are constantly beat up.  The punches never stop coming and there’s nothing you can do to stop it. George Clooney is actually pretty fun, he has a bit of a Buzz Lightyear thing going on, I don’t know why…but I couldn’t help but think of Buzz, especially during one scene. I really can’t describe the plot, because it’s pretty simple, so just watch the trailer and you know what happens. Everything else would be a spoiler to discuss. I will say that I loved the long shots with no cutting. It’s a wild ride that everyone should take. 9/10, with the potential to rise with additional viewings. 


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