Nine New Things We Know the NSA Can Do (An Update to Our Running List)

  • It can monitor, in real-time, Youtube views and Facebook “Likes.”
  • It can monitor online behavior through free Wi-Fi at Canadian airports.
  • It can shut down chat rooms used by Anonymous and identify Anonymous members.
  • It can use real-time data to help identify and locate targets for US drone strikes.
  • It can collect the IP addresses of visitors to the Wikileaks website.
  • It can spy on US law firms representing foreign countries in trade negotiations.
  • It can post false information on the Internet in order to hurt the reputation of targets.
  • It can intercept and store webcam images.
  • It can record phone calls and replay them up to a month later.

See the full list – and hear Brian Lehrer discuss the updates – on our website.

-Jody, BL Show-


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